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Grand Barbecue Networking le 8 septembre à l’ATELIER WINDSOR

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La FFCEL prend la parole
Interview par Femmes magazine avec Christiane Wickler, présidente de la FFCEL sur l’actualité, la place de la femme au sein de la société luxembourgeoise et la question de l’égalité des sexes

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Portrait du mois
Myriam Schmit,
MSDESIGN by myriamschmit

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“You’re not born an entrepreneur, you become an entrepreneur by doing. I see women here who are clever and willing to put in the work. All the ingredients are there.” – Jean-Luc Karleskind (Trainer)

Following previous successful editions of the LUXEMBOURG-POLAND BUSINESS CLUB’S ENTREPRENEURIAL WOMEN project the 4TH EDITION is planned to begin on SEPTEMBER 30. Building up on the model from previous editions the cycles of  eight hours workshops  will be spread over six following Saturdays ending on November 11.

Entrepreneurial Women project targets women with a business idea interested in setting up a start-up in Luxembourg, with no or very basic knowledge in running own business.

Subjects that are to be covered:

  • Types of Business Entities
  • Idea Generation
  • VAT and Taxation
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Fundraising and credits for start-ups
  • Project Management
  • Coaching and Networking
  • Marketing
  • Business Plan and more

 With the help of excellent coaches from the global consulting and legal advisory companies, the participants are divided in 2 working groups. The course is designed to guide step by step trough the process of creation from the clarification of the idea to practical information how to start.
Most of all the participant appreciate the professionalism of the trainers and the empowering ambiance of the workshops.

For more information and to register please click here:

For more uinfo please contact under:

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